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AIPL Canada, owned by investors Shabeg and Dev Singh, is now evicting thirteen tenants from their homes on Dovercourt Road in Toronto’s west-end.

AIPL bought the building at 394 Dovercourt Road in 2017. AIPL offered tenants small sums of money to move out. When tenants declined, AIPL issued eviction notices. AIPL has now applied to the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict all thirteen tenants.

This is renoviction.

We’ve all heard the stories. Investors buy rental properties in “up and coming” areas. They evict the sitting tenants, renovate units, and more than double the rent.

In Ontario, tenants’ “right of first refusal” is not upheld. On paper, landlords should give tenants the option to return to their unit once renovations are completed. In reality, the landlord rents the unit to a new tenant at a higher rent. The evicted tenant has no recourse to regain possession.

The Toronto Star has documented how the tenants of 795 College Street found this out the hard way.

AIPL claims it has to replace the electrical wiring at 394 Dovercourt. They say the work is so extensive that it requires tenants to move out. Tenants believe this is nothing more than a pretext to their eviction. While the wiring in the building is old, it is in good working condition. The real reason AIPL wants the tenants out is so they can raise rent on the vacant units without limit.

Read about the tenants' fight

"A group of renters who barely knew each other have banded together to weather an uncertain future and brace for a fight. . ."

What to do: Send an email to Shabeg and Dev Singh demanding they withdraw their eviction case.

What to say: Write your own message or copy the text below and paste it into the “Your Message” box.

Subject line: Use “Withdraw your eviction cases against tenants at 394 Dovercourt Road” (or similar).

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I am writing in support of your tenants at 394 Dovercourt Road in Toronto.

The tenants of 394 Dovercourt Road are working people of modest means. They have strong ties to the community where they have lived for years. They intend to maintain those ties by defending their continued tenancies at the building.

You have a choice to make. You can resolve this dispute by withdrawing your eviction cases against your tenants. If you insist on moving ahead with the evictions you invite further action against you by the tenants’ supporters in the community.

Make the right choice. Drop the evictions now.

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Meet the tenants of 394 Dovercourt Road

"Six current tenants agreed to be profiled by the Star and speak about the impact the N13 process could have on their lives."